Does Nothing phone (1) fill up to the expectations?


Packaging & Box:
 Nothing is the first thing that catches the eye before picking up the Nothing Phone (1).  The phone company made me a phone box as an important customer.  Really like the fancy design is good, the box is very thin and the inside has two compartments for the phone and other accessories.

 Build Quality & Design:
 Taking the phone in my hand, I was a little surprised. A solid solid phone with a good build quality and a frame all around with Gorilla Glass protection and the design like an iPhone.  The Apple spends a lot of money on research and development behind the design and wastes time.  Then comes the best design.  So we are getting the design easily here and the design looks good and looks very sturdy.

 Everyone knows about the lighting system of the back panel of the phone.  The design is everyone's personal matter, but this the thing of Nothing Phone (1) has been discussed the most here.  Because the design of the phone is different from all smartphone makers.  The lighting on the back of the phone, such as the phone or call, lights up differently.  This lighting is not very special, but a company is doing something new, many people like the design.  That's why this phone was so hyped.

 This phone can use two SIMs, there is no separate micro SD card.  Also, the phone is sturdy and feels good in hand.  Looks like something premium.

 Unlock & Security:
 Display fingerprint sensor is not first but not too slow.  Better than some Samsung phones.  The phone of the Chinese company Xiaomi phone is much better than their in-display fingerprint sensor.

 Display and Brightness:
 The first thing that struck me after looking at the phone's display is that the brightness of the Nothing phone's display is not too difficult indoors.  But the brightness of the display is low especially if you go outdoors you can feel this matter.  If you put this phone side by side with any phone of this price, you will realize that the brightness of this phone is low.  But yes if you have only seen symphony and not used any other phone side by side till date.  Then you won't feel as full.

 Many people are saying that they have got various problems with the display.  Fortunately we didn't see any problems.  The imaging color of the display is bright but not palatable.  I think that's the case with Samsung phones, There are vibrant colors.  When I see it, I feel like I'm looking at something, a very good display.  That film is not happening here.  When using the camera outdoors many times it happens that the brightness is reduced instead of full brightness at auto brightness.  As a result, it becomes difficult to see, and then it often resolves itself.  It may be a bug. Nothing give an update to fix the graphics they did a lot of things in the update.  Many things are better than their engineers are working on.  They should be given some time.

 UI & Software:
 Let's talk about the UI of this phone because the UI is a very important thing here.  Here's the real you clean.
 No pre-installed applications.  Even with two or four applications pre-installed, they could get quite a bit of money.  But they have to be commended for not doing that and reminding of Oxygen OS and somewhere reminiscent of Color OS.  Because it really all the features are here, clean UI and no problem.

 Processor and Performance:
 Can do all the work properly.  The phone does not heat up.  They did not advertise much because they gave importance to the issue of non-existence.  The performance seems not fully expressed or emphasized.  They have tried to strike a balance and I would say they have been somewhat successful.  There was definitely room for improvement.

 Battery & Charging:
 Nothing Phone (1) is a 4520mAh battery powered phone.  Backup is not too bad, fairly good.  There is also a wireless charging port.  There is 15W wireless charging support.  Even if we give this support, it is not very useful for us.  I don't think it's very useful to add these premium features.  This phone is made a little premium phone.  Similarly, the IP56 rating is water proof, so it does not mean that you should drop it in water and test it.  Be careful these days, under 20k phones have IP53 rating which is not remarkable.

 I have seen many people discussing about the fact that the display of the phone stays on as long as you look at the nothing phone.  The phone's display will be on. The feature is from a Samsung phone 5-7 years ago. If the phone is turned upside down, the phone will become silent, that feature of Samsung phones seven to ten years ago.  No new features are introduced.  But the company will get a lot of benefits for providing these features. There will be a little more discussion about the phone.

 Camera & Video:
 Now come to the camera.  Nothing makes a good sense of the camera here.  They have not given any useless camera, they have given 50 and 50 megapixel cameras.  Its first camera sensor is Sony imx586.  The camera setup used in the Nothing phone is almost identical to that of the OnePlus.  This camera sometimes reminds you of OnePlus.

 After all the camera quality is fairly good.  Not as good as a phone of this price should be special in Bangladesh. I think the phone price title higher in Bangladesh then India.  You can't expect pictures to be very good except in low-light or daylight.  That's not to say that every other phone at this price gives poor pictures.  But here's the thing about the amount of hype this phone has received.  So for that, the expectation will be a little higher.  Nothing Phone (1) could fill that expectation space.

 On the design side of this phone, the rest of the features are the same as any other phone.  There is nothing special here.  Look at the price of the phone in Bangladesh and notice what other companies are offering at this price, then you will understand.

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