Cellfin: Open an Islami Bank account in your Mobile. (Free Master Card)

Cellfin app ibbl
Selfin is a Islami Bank's latest digital banking app. All banking safely at home with CellFin App of IBBL Bank. 

Just do a easy step to create Bank account in your mobile. Take a picture of the national identity card, then you have a selfie with your phone - account and visa card are done! 

The only app in Bangladesh that provides instant visa card. Theree is no maintenance fee on this card! Not only that, CellFin is the only enabled app in Bangladesh. If you are a freelancer or online content creator, you can take your payments directly to Cellfin, from any country. Download sellfin App from Google PlayStore.

 What is in Selfin? 

1. Fund transfer from VISA Direct Islami Bank Account, Debit Card / Credit Card, Mcash to Cellfin / any Islami Bank account. 

2. E-Commercee Payment, Credit Card Bill Pay Receive instant remittance/payment from any country in the world through Visa Card. 

2. Receive remittance from the app through secret PIN. 

3.Open an Islami Bank account at home. The account will be active instantly without coming to the branch. 

4. Accountt / Debit Card / Credit Card (Khidmah) Balance Check and Statement Fund Transfer from any Bank Visa / MasterCard / Diners Card to Cellfin. 

5. Send money to any bank (account / card) through NPSB / EFT and fetch money from other banks through NPSB / EFT to selffin account. 

6. Sendd money to any mobile number. Even if the customer does not have an account. 

7. Cashh out cost is at least 15 times less than all mobile banking in Bangladesh! Cardless withdrawals from ATMs are free. 

8. This condition is applicable to any of your Islamic Bank Account / Debit Card / Cellfin.

9. Fees apply to credit cards. 

10. Withdraww money from ATM safely and conveniently without debit / credit card. 

11. No more fear of losing the card.