NEW TREND Tom Bai Capcut Template Download Link 2022

New Trend Template capcut 2022 with tom pic on head

Many popular videos are currently being created with this template. This is currently the trending template in Bangladesh on TikTok. This templated tom image can be edited. If you want to edit the picture of Head of Tom bai, you need to edit two pictures of the pic. It's will see your face with Tom's pick in one of the two pictures. In this case, you can manually edit your photo and add Tom or Jerry pic. 

You can make couple videos with this template. You have to select three pictures to make a couple video. Add the two of you as a single pic in two of the three pictures. And at the end of all the one picture that will be there, you will put a single person in pic and a single person in pic  after that a picture of two together Both of you.

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Open the link to make your own video from the template (NEW TREND)
» New Trend Template Link
» Demo Video with Couple
» Demo Video with Tom

Hope there is no difficulty in understanding here. Since Template link is given on our website. Go to template by clicking on the link above and create a video. And if you want to add music, you can use the music in the demo video. Besides, our website has more template links to create most trending capcut video. You can see them.