Walton Bettery for E-bike Price in Bangladesh 2022 (12/24V 7AH)

Walton E-Bike Bettery Price in Bangladesh:  Power Master WB1275

   - Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
   - Long Back up time and Extended Life
   - Non-Spillable batteries        

    Price in Bangladesh Market: Tk. 1,350

 Nominal voltage 6 cell, 12 Volt
 Nominal Capacity 20 Hour, 7.5 AH
 Weight 2150 ± 20 grams
 Internal Resistance Fully charge Battery, 35 
 Maximum Charging Current  2.25 A
 Float Charging Voltage 14.4~14.8 VDC
 Product Dimension Length- 151 mm
 Width- 65 mm
 Height- 94 mm
 Terminal F2

A Walton battery with the above written battery. I have been looking for a battery to build an e-bike for quite some time. You may know that very large size batteries cannot be used for making this, especially the batteries that are used to make rickshaws. So we need to use a light size battery that is able to provide enough power to our e-bike. 

If you use a 250 watt (24v) motor kit to build your e-bike. In this case you can use two such batteries. With two such batteries you will get about two hours of backup. 

Might not find it online. That's why you can buy from Walton's official distributor. You can visit Walton's official website to find out where your nearest Walton official distributor. 

Yes, I should have told you that in the beginning that it is not a lithium battery. You all are aware that lithium ion batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries. The battery mentioned above is a lead acid battery. The latest battery life is not very long. Battery life span one and a half years. On the other hand, lithium ion batteries can be used for four to five years effortlessly.